30 Apr 2015

Moving sustainability from ideas to reality and regaining the leadership of developing countries




06 Feb 2015

Moving from emission reductions to energy use as the basis for international cooperation must now shape our approach to the climate negotiations


16 Dec 2014

Lima witnessed the end game of a 20 year old negotiation around doing away with differentiation between countries at different levels of development and the beginning of negotiations on a global pact for sharing the carbon budget. It is all about geopolitics, not about the global environment.

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05 Nov 2014

Mukul Sanwal[1]


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has now unequivocally stated that “the evidence suggests that outcomes seen as equitable can lead to more effective [international] cooperation”.


06 Oct 2014



Global climate policy is being reframed, moving away from an exclusive focus on emissions, the symptoms, to the causes of the problem, use of energy, and new sustainable development architecture.


29 Sep 2014


The focus on current and per capita emissions has not led to the desired results




10 Sep 2014

A framework for updating the Climate Treaty

MukulSanwal [1]