Ethanol is a clean and cheap fuel blend. But the Indian government is impeding the use of ethanol when it is callously promoting cancer causing MTBE

With ether-based oxygenates falling out of favour, ethanol is emerging as one of the most favoured options worldwide. According to H B Mathur, professor emeritus at the Delhi College of Engineering,

It is still unclear who the new US president is. Even if he is favourably inclined towards the protocol there is every chance of it getting rejected by the Senate

For the rural poor – who depend above all the land for their survival – a central development challenge is to sustain a base of natural capital that can support a robust local economy. In India, government mismanagement of forests, grazing lands, and water resources has often alienated rural people and exacerbated resource degradation.

Even as the fuel tax protest has hit the headlines, incessant rains have brought the issue of global warming and environmental mismanagement to the fore

The Union minister for external affairs says ecology should not be an elitist issue

Down To Earth articles on shahtoosh and Veerappan provoke comment. We decided to excerpt them. But first, the editor s rejoinder

The Indian pulp and paper industry reacts positively to the first Green Rating Project conducted by Centre for Science and Environment

The local communities have done a good job in regenerating degraded forest lands

The media and the government keep mum on pollution cancer linkages and the abysmal medical help available in India against the menace