Gujarat s minister for major irrigation projects needs to understand that big dams alone do not add up to water management

If post Independence leaders of India had ensured full literacy, a solution would have been in sight for a lot of problems. Population, for one. But, today, in order to achieve the objectives of balanced social development and population stabilisation, th

Just imagine India trying to impose trade sanctions against the US for putting out too much carbon dioxide which can affect India s monsoon

Who is really behind our water problems?

Green is the all pervading colour of nature. Beatiful and breathtaking. But not can stir the soul and the mind as the dazziling white of sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom, says ANIL AGARWAL

The financial sustainability of water schemes has run aground; and, repairs and maintenance is abysmal

Awards announced for global environment leadership 2000

It was a unique ceremony for a unique award given to a unique rural community of India. In what is perhaps the first ceremony of its kind, President K R Narayanan flew to Hamirpura, a village in Alwar district, to felicitate the village of Bhaonta Kolyala

... for reviving the Arvari river, for showing that a healthy ecology and good water management mean prosperity, for proving that drought is a myth

In Guraiya village , it's women empowerment all the way