Although Bhaonta Kolyala village walked away with the Down To Earth Joseph C John Award, the judges came across several such communities worthy of praise. The Guraiya Watershed Community in Madhya Pradesh, Krushak Charcha Mandal in Maharashtra and AJCB Br

A caste ridden society transforms the depleted forests into a green haven

Besides the communities who have done exemplary work in the field of environment, several individuals are making a difference in the lives of many people in various parts of India. Some of them, who were brought to Down To Earth's notice during the proces

A rural organisation breathes life into the listless people of Melaghar village

As long as the world remains bound to fossil fuels, poor countries need the maximum environmental space for their future economic growth

...says the President of India while receiving CSE s first report on global environmental negotiations

Ironically, the Kyoto Protocol with its emphasis on cheap options will actually push the world towards ecological catastrophe

Anil Agarwal, noted environmentalist and director of the Centre for

teri s conjuring act is a part of the automobile lobby s sustained efforts to block the introduction of CNG in the capital

If we were to build a water splurging society like the West, we would eventually run short of water