Worm infestations, food parasites, Chagas disease, sand fly-transmitted infections and other neglected tropical diseases usually found in Africa and Asia are turning up more often in Europe, accord

As of July 15, one more country was declared free of the guinea worm: Sudan.

But it was a hollow victory. That was the date Sudan split in two and South Sudan became the world

Two new studies released on Wednesday add to the growing body of evidence that taking a daily pill containing one or two AIDS drugs can keep an uninfected person from catching the fatal human immunodeficiency virus.

The studies were the first to show protection in heterosexuals; the only earlier one with similarly encouraging results involved gay men.

As it becomes ever clearer that modern a

An experimental tuberculosis shot for children works best when it is not given with other vaccines, a new study has found.

The finding raises concerns because doctors working in Africa prefer to give babies as many vaccines as possible at once.

On Tuesday in a ceremony in Rome, the United Nations is officially declaring that for only the second time in history, a disease has been wiped off the face of the earth.

Everyone has heard of smallpox. Very few have heard of the runner-up.


In a development that could improve AIDS treatment worldwide, modern antiretroviral drugs will be sold at lower prices in 70 of the world

China has slashed AIDS mortality by nearly two-thirds since it began distributing free antiretroviral drugs in 2002, Chinese government scientists are reporting.

About 63 percent of all those needing AIDS drugs are getting them, up from virtually zero in 2002.

People infected with the virus that causes AIDS are far less likely to infect their sexual partners if they are put on treatment immediately instead of waiting until their immune systems begin to deteriorate, according to preliminary results from a large clinical trial released Thursday.

Patients with H.I.V.

Endosulfan, a powerful 50-year-old insecticide sometimes called DDT

It has taken 10 years for Dr. Beatrice H. Hahn to build the world