The statement of the tribal affairs ministry is contrary to its position stated repeatedly over the past year

Chhattisgarh and Odisha kept in dark, statutory public hearings not held and clearances never sought in 2 states

Issues stay unresolved as financing climate change action remains key to Paris Agreement

Govt revising and enhancing and widening scope of energy efficiency targets for industry

The government says emission from old diesel vehicles is not to be blamed. Experts say government is selectively using data to make its case

Just as the SC has asked for a comprehensive look at the mass of hydropower projects on the Ganga in Uttarakhand, NGT wants a similar exercise for the project rush in Arunachal's river system

Wants another committee to review adverse report of experts against 6 dams

Indian diplomats should know by experience that it is the fine print and not rhetoric that will determine the impact of the Paris Agreement later this year

Rich countries yet to formally commit money though they made public commitments

Environment ministry readies draft, which allows industry to fell trees in traditional forest areas without consent of gram sabhas