Could protect wild stocks THE Food and Agriculture Organization (fao) has called for doubling aquaculture output to feed the world

They travelled from China to Turkey and then to Siberia, where they might have resettled TEN thousand years ago, the tiger reigned over Eurasia from the Sunda Islands of Indonesia to India to eastern Turkey and up north into Siberia. Environmental changes and human influence drove some of its subspecies

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Apex court steps in, asks states for afforestation plans THE bill that proposed centralized management of funds, collected in lieu of permission to divert forestland to non-forest uses, was defeated in the Rajya Sabha on February 25. Members of the house objected to the bill saying centralized forest fund management goes against the federal system in India. It takes away financial

Tracking the migratory routes of songbirds is now easy songbird populations have been declining over the last half century. Understanding their annual migration would aid conservation measures. A study has used coin-sized geolocators to track the migration of two species of songbirds. This has thrown up new information: songbirds travel much faster than previously known. Initially

Environment ministry invites comments to amendment that dilutes environmental clearance THE latest amendment to the environment impact assessment (eia) notification that is supposed to expedite environmental clearance for development projects, is now open for public comment. The eia notification, 1994, mandated environmental clearance for all infrastructure and development

Survivors asked to show identity proofs lost to tsunami a people

Himachal Pradesh gives incentives to prevent forest fires The Himachal Pradesh forest department has decided to reward community initiatives in the state that are successful in averting forestfires. The annual reward would vary between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, depending on how successful a joint forest management committee is in checking fires. The programme for giving cash rewards for

A fungus grown on bagasse can save bamboo from another fungus EVEN as several fungal species act as significant plant pathogens, many have been found beneficial in controlling plant diseases. Take for example the fungus Trichoderma. This fungus is a common biological control agent and is useful in controlling diseases, particularly the white rot disease in bamboo. However, growing

But will that save the tiger reserve from heading the Sariska way? TWO tigresses from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve will be introduced in Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh by February 2009.