a popular solution offered to make wildlife migration easy is to develop strips that connects two forest fragments. These are called corridors. While their importance is beyond dispute, their size

india is set to make another round of changes in procurement norms for health schemes funded by World Bank loans. This follows the bank's review of Indian projects running on its loans, highlighting

it is believed when invasive species are introduced in an area they inhibit the growth of local plants by producing chemicals. There is another recent theory that suggests that invasives work by

recently, several food products enriched with friendly bacteria have hit markets in India. The latest entrant, Yakult Danone's probiotic drink, claims that the lactose digesting bacteria added to

there is a new approach to find out if bird species are threatened. Usually, a bird is classified as endangered or critically endangered on the basis of its range size

Ever since the 2004 tsunami flattened coastal villages, the Tamil Nadu government has been raising sea walls and protective plantations on a priority basis to blunt the impact of sea waves. It

a delegation of fisherfolk representatives met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in September. Top on their agenda was a demand to lift a ban imposed in 1982 by the Union Ministry of Environment and

palms can reflect climatic changes. Researchers have found Trachycarpus fortunei, a Chinese palm, generally found in warmer conditions, is now found even in temperate regions including southern

reuse of wastewater for irrigation is touted as an environmentally sound practice. But little is known about its long-term effects. A recent study from Jordan says that the frequent use of treated

a controversy is raging in the media over the financing of the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project. Several news sources, quoting a bank in charge of securing loans for the project, said that the project "may never happen' since the costs have gone through the roof and the old loan terms have lapsed. When contacted by Down To Earth, the