Extracting minerals and ornamental stone in the Aravallis despit its environmental costs is such a flourishing economic activity that political parties are vying with each other to protect it. Because most mine workers have no other livelihood, they r

Cowherds in a Gujarat district accuse a local dye manufacturer of dumping a poisonous and acidic substance, which resulted in the maiming and death of their cattle.

Overexploitation, increasing salinity and industrial pollution are threatening groundwater resources in several parts of the country

Even though Ganga Action Plan I, initiated seven years ago, has fallen short of expectations, work has already begun on the ambitious Yamuna Action Plan.

Despite considerable resistance from developing countries, the powerful pro forest convention lobby will get its own way in setting up a world forest commission.

Sugar and paper mills in Bihar and tanneries in West Bengal have been penalised by the Supreme Court for continuing to discharge untreated waste into the Ganga and its tributaries.

The attack on a Bangalore seed company was reported as the start of a farmers' movement against globalisation of agriculture. Now, some farmers find the GATT proposals beneficial.

The registrar of trade unions has refused to acknowledge the Bal Mazdoor Union BMU , an association of working children in Delhi. Though the Delhi High Court has upheld the order of the registrar, the BMU refuses to give up and intends to appeal.

The Damodar is the most polluted river in the country today, thanks to the several industries that have sprouted on its mineral-rich banks. Experts say the only way to save the Damodar valley is for these highly polluting industries to make massive invest

Russi Mody, chairman of Tata Steel, defends his organisation's involvement in the controversial Chilika Aquatic Farms Ltd project in Orissa.