Successful drinking water management requires obtaining comprehensive, reliable and timely input regarding potential contamination with a clear and decisive operative program.

In the wake of severe drought in the districts of Bundelkhand region, Development Alternatives and Arghyam Trust's initiative 'Water for All and Always' addresses the current need of an Integrated Water Resources Management in ten villages of Jhansi and Tikamgarh districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh states.

Point of use (PSU) reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems and point of entry (POE) ion exchange water softeners are two of the most universal water treatment technologies used today for residential and commercial locations. However, these systems have operational characteristics that limit their use if installed in water short regions of the world.

Bacteria, viruses and cysts represent the three types of microbiological contaminants that may be found in water. Following this occurrence pattern, the NSF task group on microbiological standards has proposed a requirement that bacteria reduction claims are accompanied by tested claims of virus reduction and cyst reduction.

Water dispenser is relatively a new concept in the minds of Indian consumer. Usage of packaged water dispensers is rising among single user commercial segment.

For safer drinking water and more secure operation of industrial plants, close monitoring of water streams for impurities is required. This is ensured by the help of latest instruments like Optiens 1050.

The case study is about the water treatment system used in oil production unit which removes 99.9% of the influent oil and maintains consistent overboard water quality.

Self-cleaning pre-filtration drastically reduces the operational costs of membrane filtration systems and paves the way for trend of increasing water reuse.

In India, there is a selection of filtration and separation technologies that can be productively applied to resolve many of the water issues.

In the southwestern region surrounding Peth, water reuse is an effective solution to the serious drought "The Big Dry". Joe White Maltings Pty Ltd, in Perth, in an effort to meet its water requirements, commissioned the Tenix Alliance to construct a new water recycling plant at the company's facility.