The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of leachate recirculation on stabilisation of  municipal  solid  wastes.  The  study  was  carried  out  by  using  two  lab­  scale  landfill bioreactors  containing  approximately  10  kg  of  waste  each,  in  order 

Coal  is  the  prime  source  of  energy  in  India.  Opencast  mining  of  coal  damage  a  large  land surface  area,  displace  people  from  their  natural  home  and  cause  agricultural  losses.  This raises  a  number  of  environ

In  this  study  source  wise  and  operation  wise  energy  consumption  for  soybean  production under canal and pump irrigation system conditions were investigated.

Arsenic  values  in  groundwater  above  the  maximum  permissible  limit  of  0.05  mg/l  (Indian standards)  have  been  reported  from  Bhagirathi­Hooghly  flood plain  region  of  West Bengal.

In the Era of Globalization, Urbanization and Industrialization there is a major task of Public utility to fulfill the requirement of the people quatitavely and qualititatively in developing countries like India.

Utilization of waste materials and by-products is a partial solution to environmental and ecological problems.

In this paper, the contamination level of fourteen elements (Al, Ca, Mg, V, Ti, Na, Mn, As, Br, La, Sm, Sc, U, Yb) from different soil samples of the nuclear reactor surrounding areas in Savar, Bangladesh was investigated with instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) method.

The temporal and spatial distribution of salinity, DO, BOD, turbidity, pH, hardness and dissolved nutrients of surface water collected from different points of Dhamra estuary were measured during February-2007 to January-2008. The pH of water was alkaline throughout the year. The salinity, conductance, hardness increased towards the river mouth as compared to inland stations.

The uses of electronic and electrical devices have relatively increased with rapid increases in economic and technological development over some period of time in Malaysia. There is needs for Malaysia to apply “3R” principles of reduce, reuse and recycle for efficient control and management of material circle of electronic and electrical equipments (EEE).

There are several methods to communicate the use of different environmental quality parameters. This research communication discusses the use of Air Quality Index (AQI) describing air pollution in Choudwar area. AQI is computed for ten air quality sampling stations in the Choudwar area within the radius 10 kms from the core zone.