A new dawn to Kenya as the fight against poaching reaches a higher level. Ne strain of dogs have been incorporated to help track poachers in the Savannas.

Sitting in the back of a pick -up from the Pendjari National Park, in northern Benin, Matthieu Yoa smiles with the satisfaction of the work accomplished: with his rangers colleagues, he has just pu

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has rejected a call by Egypt for World Bank arbitration in a dispute over a hydroelectric dam Addis Ababa is building along its share of the Nile.

The Ethiopian economy will maintain its growth lead for the East African region according to the latest World Bank report.

In Johannesburg, tens of thousands of South Africans live at the foot of mountains of mining waste, a remnant of gold mining that has enriched the country, but now threatens the health of residents

Gabon is trying to revive its agricultural sector after been embroiled in an unprecedented economic crisis.

The World Health Organization, WHO says the Cholera outbreak that has killed 15 people and made 547 sick in Lusaka is expected to grow further as the rainy season starts.

In 2000, farmers in Burkina Faso, Africa’s top cotton grower, were desperate.

A technical fault at Tanzania’s national electricity supply company plunged the East African nation into total darkness.

Elephants are at imminent threat of extinction in western and central Africa, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species’ (CITES) secretary-general has said at the opening of its 6