The aviation industry is supporting a United Nations proposal to limit pollution from international flights even though the measure may eventually cost companies $24 billion annually.

European Union member states expressed “no strong opposition” to a plan for fast-track approval of the global climate accord next month, boosting the chances that the 28-nation bloc could achieve a

Thirty-one more nations joined the Paris climate accord putting the landmark effort to reduce global warming on pace to take effect this year.

The U.K.

An Irish judge said Volkswagen AG will have to provide more information relating to the company’s emissions testing for diesel engines, in a case that may have ramifications for other lawsuits agai

The U.K. government may need to delay until next year the release of a plan on how the country will meet carbon reduction targets for 2030, according to the new climate minister.

Singapore’s air quality reached “unhealthy” levels as haze from Indonesian forest fires intensified Friday, blanketing the city-state’s downtown with a layer of smoke.

Climate scientists have long warned of a rise in sea level as global warming melts the world’s glaciers.

London is famous for its numerous parks and gardens, but even those green spaces aren’t safe from pollution.

Athletes at the Olympic Games may struggle to break world records as they compete with Brazil’s rising temperatures caused by climate change.