Lithium-ion technology is still the gold standard for energy storage as demonstrated by the popularity of the new Powerwall battery, Tesla Energy’s much-publicized foray into Li-ion energy storage

One of the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturers, Intel is used to being on the top.

Buildings are the United States’ single-biggest energy consumer, and commercial buildings generate much of this demand, spanning roughly 87 billion square feet across 5.6 million buildings.

The engineer and economist Bernard Chabot has written an article explaining how wind power capacity factors for new wind turbines could increase from about 40% to 60%.

The big fall in solar PV costs over the last five years is helping redefine the future of energy generation across the world, with grid parity in the retail market achieved in dozens of countries,

On Friday, climate change efforts across the world reached a very important milestone: the release of $5 billion to begin the work of the Green Climate Fund, which will become the main financial op

A new survey found that 77% of Australians believe large-scale solar facilities can be of great help to the future, but the news comes at the same time as a separate report criticizing the Australi

Uruguay’s renewable energy sector has received a major boost with two wind energy projects bagging substantial financial support.

Australians now have access to some of the cheapest electricity in the industrialized world — but not because grid electricity rates are low.

Late yesterday, California sealed a Memorandum of Understanding (“Under 2 MOU”) with 11 other states and provinces in the Americas and Europe to limit their greenhouse gas emissions to 80-95% by 20