In the last few years, the rise of Nigeria’s economy to become the largest in Africa has often been heralded for overcoming numerous systemic obstacles, but there remains one obstacle which many be

A new study performed by researchers at Helmholtz Zentrum München, in collaboration with researchers at the German Center for Diabetes Research, has revealed that common levels of air pollution in

The European Union has already managed to reduce its energy consumption below targets it had initially set for 2020, reducing final energy consumption down to 1,061 Mtoe in 2014.

Research and consulting firm GlobalData has labelled South Africa as the likely new hotspot for wind installation, with 3 GW expected to be installed over the next four years.

The world’s first all-electric line of sanitation trucks was recently launched in Beijing by BYD Company and the Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group, according to an email sent to Cl

After 40 or so years away from the “gold medal” position, the US transportation sector has once again emerged to claim the mantle of being the top contributor of carbon emissions in the country, ac

Solar electricity in Indonesia could grow markedly in the next few years, through the use of FiTs.

The portion of the Greenland ice sheet covering the Cold War–era US military base known as Camp Century — also known as “the city under the ice” — could start to melt by the end of the century, acc

Germany’s parliament has approved a plan that will end renewable energy feed-in tariffs in favor of competitive auctions and clear volumes for wind energy development.

Recent policy moves in the states of Massachusetts and New York could initiate a long-awaited offshore wind energy boom in the United States.