Studies have shown that drug resistance cases are on the rise across the world

Vehicular emission contributes to 20 per cent of the city’s air pollution

The green court refused to set aside the EC after it was convinced that the new Capital would not harm the floodplains and wetlands

Renewable energy which has witnessed rapid capacity addition in the last three years has started lagging when it comes to electricity generation, this source of power now comprises a little less th

The project requires a total of 9,100 hectares of land and area of 7,600 hectares, while 31,023 families will lose their land

The recently released Global Climate Risk Index 2018 report has put India amongst the sixth most vulnerable countries after Haiti, Zimbabwe, Fiji, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

After a brief respite, the national Capital again woke up to thick smog on Sunday, with the air quality index (AQI) clocking at 400 and shooting past the 'severe' category.

Air quality at 316, considered 'hazardous' even for healthy adults; moisture in winds will soon rise

No significant snowfall has been recorded in the Himalayan region this year

Falling wind speed and drop in temperature have ensured that toxic air continues to remain