ISLAMABAD: Environment Minister Hameedullah Jan Afridi inaugurated the World Wetlands Day at Lake View Park here on Monday.

The day is observed across the globe annually to mark the date of signing of Convention on Wetlands on Feb 2, 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar.

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LAHORE: The role of botanical gardens is to preserve precious plants, promote gardening, and to make the environment healthy, Forest Department Inspector General Muhammad Iqbal Sial said on Monday.

* Visitors, picnickers complain of crows descending on parks in droves * Ornithologists suggest reducing waste heaps could help control crow population
* PU professor urges CDGL to take action

By Ali Usman

Environment department forms environment clubs in schools
* Department to award certificates and organise training sessions in schools

LAHORE: The Environment Protection Department (EPD) has formed environmental clubs in schools to educate students about environment.

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ISLAMABAD: The US will support the Clean Drinking Water for All (CDWA) initiative in Pakistan.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) in this respect was signed here.

Under the MoU, which is part of the USAID

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ISLAMABAD: The government will plant of 70 million saplings all over the country during the Spring Tree Planting Campaign 2009 beginning from the last week of January, officials decided on Monday.

* Doctors advise Gulistan Colony residents to vacate houses as noise exceeds legal level
By Abdul Manan

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LAHORE: The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) demanded that the government revitalise environment as a separate segment in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper II (PRSP).

Construction without Environment Impact Assessment: Environment Department puts 18 builders on notice
* Officials say notices issued for polluting Rawal Dam
* Say owners of housing schemes, plazas summoned to appear before Punjab EPA DG within 30 days
By Aamir Yasin

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ISLAMABAD: Environment Ministry will hold a regional conference on