An alarming reduction in water supply from tube wells to the federal capital has shocked Capital Development Authority (CDA) Water Supply Directorate.

The CDA officials noticed this development when they learnt that tube wells designed to produce 400 to 500 gallon water per minute were now producing only 40 to 50 gallons water per minute, sources told Daily Times.

The Punjab government has initiated the Rs 22 billion Food Stamp Scheme (FSS) to eliminate poverty and uplift the standard of living of the society

Bronchial asthma targets about 10 percent of children and about five to 10 percent of adults in Pakistan, said Prof. Dr Muhammad Iqbal Choudhry of the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences, Karachi university, during a lecture on Wednesday.

He said that the Global Initiative for Asthma shows that more than 150 million people in the world suffer from this syndrome and it is equally prevalent in school-going children. Last year, the death toll of asthma patients reached 260,000.

Pakistan is under threat of Rotavirus diarrhoea outbreak, said Pakistan Paediatric Association

The work of Mr Kamal in tackling far greater challenges in a city twice the size of Lahore leaves me quite dazzled and hopeful that Pakistan can have productive and liveable urban centres in the not too distant future


Mayor Boris Johnson unveiled a plan on Friday to help London tackle the challenge of climate change with less carbon dioxide, more trees, better drainage and increased water efficiency.

The steps taken by the Pakistan government to support its economy in the face of an increase in prices of oil and food commodities at international level are commendable, World Bank Vice President for the South Asian Region Isabel Guerrero said at the end of her two-day visit to Pakistan.

However, the World Bank official added that additional steps were needed to safeguard the country

Genetically modified crops can help solve international food crisis faced by many countries including Pakistan, said US Special Advisor on Science and Technology Dr Nina V Fedoroff on Thursday.

Talking to reporters at a local hotel, Fedoroff said the international community had ignored important issues like energy and food in the past and was now paying for that negligence.

She said the world should try to find both short and long-term solutions to end food problems.

Nine more dengue patients were admitted to different hospitals of the city in the last 24 hours, said the focal person of the dengue surveillance cell, Dr Shakil Malik, on Monday. He said a total of 39 dengue patients have so far been admitted to different hospitals, of which 11 patients were sent home after proper medical treatment at the hospitals.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to enforce Environmental Protection Regulations (EPRs), 2008, since its issuance last month. The EPRs were issued on July 30 to conserve environment and keep the city clean. People, especially those living in downscale areas, are however flouting them with impunity. The CDA's Environment Directorate too seems least bothered about enforcing the regulations, as no action has been initiated against their violators so far.