The UP government alleged that due to lack of proper funds the schemes to clean up the rivers - Ganga, Yamuna and Gomti, are not running smoothly. The state government has asked for Rs 900 crore for

Most of the hospitals in Kanpur which are supposed to ensure better health to people have instead turned into breeding grounds for infectious diseases. Highly hazardous and infectious biomedical

The hazardous chemical factory owners and the pollution control board have joined their hands and created a severe water crisis in Darshan Ward of Kanpur. Due to the boring in the industrial area, in

The Panki power house in Kanpur is spreading various diseases due to its fly ash. People living in around the Power house are suffering from TB, lung diseases and eye infections. The people in the

A polythene factory in Ashok Nagar in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has been sealed for causing pollution and spreading asthma in people. After the sealing the people living in the surrounding area got

Due to smoke emanating from the tempos running in Kanpur, around 60% trees dried. The government had planted around 12,000 trees of which more than 7,000 dried. The Forest department has blamed the

12 thousand brick kilns located in Uttar Pradesh are rendering 35,000 hectares of agricultural land barren. The owners have been warned of dire consequences if they continued mining in the area which

According to the Pollution Control Board the 24 hours of noise pollution has made life miserable in Kanpur city. The noise pollution has been recorded to be crossing the permissible limits in fifteen

During the discussion of the increasing pollution of Ganga river, in the Lok Sabha, the Environment and Forests Minister, T R Baalu, said that though the water of Ganga river is coloured but still it

Around a dozen tanneries located in Jajmau district of Uttar Pradesh which were polluting the surrounding atmosphere were sealed off. The owners of these tanneries created havoc during the