Diphtheria is a bacterial infection that causes sore throat and spreads easily.

A main reason behind increase in PM10 levels is steep hike in number of vehicles in the city.

Doctors blame weather conditions and poor sanitation in city for boost in mosquito numbers.

Kawal measures around 2,000 sq. km in area but has just around 30-40 base camps with four-five unarmed guards.

Residents of these households relieve themselves in open places, drains or railway tracks.

500-700 cases are reported in the out-patient department daily. Most of them are for viral fevers..

It said the chairman of the Central Water Commission will continue to chair the reconstituted supervisory committee.

728 MW of solar energy has been synchronised with the grid in Telangana state.

Foods like papads, meal-based sauces, Asian sauces, pickles, bread and bakery products were found to have high levels of salt.

Hyderabad needs sewage treatment plants to cut pollution.