The persons and institutions are to get a certificate, a crest and cash for the award

Tree plunderers have long been cutting down valuable wood-oil trees, locally known as Garjan, from different reserve forests of the district.

Around 80-99% of other popular items in the market including ghee, juice, honey, Roshogollah, Chomchom, Sandesh, candy, soybean oil and powder milk were also found to be adulterated

Following a recent survey that found alarming levels of adulteration in different food products in Dhaka city, the Institute of Public Health (IPH) is set to conduct a fresh nationwide survey to an

The study was conducted by the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDRB)

The river erosion will also render as many as 35 thousand people landless

Local water-bodies like rivers, lake, canals and the swamps have been affected by the toxins of the pesticides and chemical fertilizers harming the ideal environment for the aquatic life in the dis

Abdul Halim, acting secretary of PDB, penned the agreement with Zahurul Islam khan, managing director of joint venture US-DK Green Energy Ltd

The prime minister asked them to prepare development plans putting the environment issues on priority agenda

The relocation will be made in several phases and will take time before all the tanneries are shifted