A new farmer-friendly diagnostic kit developed by Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) and Bhartiya Agro Industries Foundation (BAIF) will help poultry sector detect

Jute growers in the country are all set to harvest a rich bonanze this season after having burnt their fingers producing two bumper crops in a row.

The ministry of environment and forests has allowed private operators of cellular and basic telecom services to lay cables on forest land. The Ministry is working out the compensation the companies

The power ministry is planning to introduce a cess on all power plants across the country . A bill to this effect, amending the Electricity Act, may be moved in the next session of

There is no terminator gene, it is only a concept, Monsanto India country director, Mr Terry Bunn said at a hastily convened press conference to scotch rumours about the $7.5 billion MNC's

The best teas in the world are probably going through one of the worst times in its history. After witnessing record low crops in 1997, the Darjeeling tea industry is headed for fresh trouble. Even

Scores of panic-stricken peasants fleeing this village because of floods and erosion are haunted by a deeper fear, far worse than temporary loss of land. Much of the village is now under the flood

A group of activists, claiming big corporaitons are too often above the law, yesterday demanded that California's attorney general dissolve Unocal Corp by invoking a rarely used state statute that

Scientists : As Basmati hits the headlines in the series of legal battles over India's natural resources, scientists are outraged at the misuse of a published Indian research paper by the American

The impact of flood on sericulture activities in West Bengal has been severe. In Malda, where more tha 90 per cent of the area is under mulberry plantation has been affected. The flood damaged the