There is such a lot of sulphur in the oil and gas reserves of the vast former Soviet republic that oilmen fear finding a solution would be very difficult. The environmental issues surrounding

The European Commission hailed a ruling on hormone treated beef as a "victory for the consumer", even though the decision leaves it unclear whether the European Union will be able to continue

German environmentalists hailed a Berlin court ruling which threw out an attempt to reopen a DM7bn nuclear power station near Koblenz on the Rhine that has stood silent for almost 10

North American power industry executives believe increased competition from more open markets is bringing financial benefits to larger companies, but more than half of today's companies are expected

Food producers, shops and restraurants in UK may be asked to pay up to $325m a year to fund the new Food Standards Agency - possibly through a flat rate licence

The Norwegian government expects Royal Dutch/Shell the Anglo Dutch oil company to dismantle its controversial Brent Spar offshore platform on the west coast of Norway, more than two years after an

The Colombian government is requesting $2.5m in humanitarian aid from the European Union to help small farmers hit by a severe drought. Water rationing has been introduced in parts of the country

Spain is seeking further European Union aid in an effort to contain the spread of swine fever, which has already led to the slaughter of more than 800,000 pigs, almost 5 per cent of the country's

The UK government unveiled proposals to crack down on groundwater pollution in response to warnings of legal action by the European

US healthcare costs rose by the smallest amount in almost 40 years in 1996, but still topped $1,000bn for the first time, a study by the federal government's national health accounts team