Now their quest to protect the environment has evolved from a batty sideshow into a mainstream issue for governments and big business, environmentalists have smartened up their act. Their

Boliden, the Canadian-Swedish mining company, said 95 per cent of the material that escaped from a waste dam at its Los Frailes lead-zinc mine near Seville in Spain had been cleaned up and mining

Since trees absorb carbon dioxide, it may be possible to offset the carbon dioxide emitted when a product is made or used by planting or preserving forests. This promise of "climate neutrality" may

Britain's detergent makers are launching an unusual marketing drive : They will be sending mailing to customers urging them to use less soap powder. The exercise is part of a campaign to reduce the

A nationwide survey in UK of 3,500 farms aimed at establishing whether bovine spongiform encephalopathy has spread to sheep is to be undertaken in the new

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, the Massachussetts-based biotechnology company, announced positive clinical trials data for a new HIV protease inhibitor, Agenerase, and signalled its intention to apply for

Environmental groups hailed a French decision to suspend the distribution of genetically altered corn seeds. The suspension, ordered by the council of state, will be in force pending an assessment of

In countries from Vietnam in the north, with 84,500 cases so far, to Indonesia in the south, with at least 50,000 cases in the past five months of the year, the number of reported dengue infections

A tenth of the world's known tree species face extinction, according to a global survey by conservation groups. The three-year survey, the first of its kind, found out more than 8,750 of the

Leading European boradcasters have chosen Java, the software licensed by US computer company Sun Microsystems, as the likely operating software for the next generation of digital televisions and