A test due to be launched in North Carolina next month will allow doctors to predict exactly which patients with higher than normal cholesterol levels are at risk of heart disease and who will

That the drug Viagra has the capacity to add life to flagging sex lives in not in doubt. Less clear is whether the pill and other lifestyle drugs that are bound to follow it - could have a rather

Mol, the Hungarian oil and gas company, stepped up its expansion with an exploration deal covering 4,600 sq km of north-west

Over the past decade, leading western tobacco companies have capitalised on the opening of markets in the former communist countries. US and European tobacco companies now own all the cigarette

Nearly a third of Americans experienced severe poverty at some time between 1993 and 1995, but for most people it was transitory, according to a study released by the census bureau. The report shows

A research initiative to understand the normal process of ageing-as opposed to diseases such as Alzheimer's -was launched at the British Association meeting being held in Cardiff. The government's

In spite of rising living standards worldwide, more than 1bn people cannot meet their most basic needs, according to a United Nations report published. Its ninth annual Human Development Report,

Ministers and top officials from nearly 100 countries meet in Rotterdam to sign an international trety that will ban the import of hazardous chemicals unless agreed by the importing country. The

More than 90 per cent of the billions of dollars in subsidies granted to the world's fishing fleets are likely to be in violation of global trade rules, according to a report released by the World

Engineers at Siemens Roke Manor Research laboratories in Hampshire have devised a system that it hopes will allow the UK's National Air Traffic Services Organisation (Nats) to increase the accuracy