Come monsoon and the Western Ghats of Maharashtra would play host to nearly 150 species of butterflies of myriad hues and sizes, fluttering about playing hide and seek amidst the dense green foliage

Lifeline Express (LLE), a hospital on wheels, is on a mission to soothe the ailment-prone rural villages, the country's lifeline. LLE which has 50000 volunteer doctors, treated more then 300000

This year the BMC decided to prevent contractors from using children for cleaning nullahas and sewage water canals in Mumbai. It has been observed in eastern suburbs that some of the contractors are

Environmental experts have emphsised the need to create awareness about the benefits of managing and conserving the quality of water and air resources. Speaking at a seminar, Milind Vaidya, senior

Pollution levels in Aurangabad continue to be higher than standard limits and all 'efforts' of the administration to contain it have been rather "misdirected," alleged noted environmentalist and

The power crisis in western Maharashtra is likely to be prolonged for atleast for one more week. The situation is expected to improve only around June 3 or the day after, according to Maharashtra

The population of senior citizens in Kerala is steadily increasing, throwing up new healthcare, social security and legal challenges to the state. The number of people in the 60-plus age group has

Ineffective monitoring of the rural sanitation programme resulted in unfruitful expenditure of Rs 6.82 crore on sanitary latrines constructed in the 1996-99 period in Jalna district of Marathwada

As dusk falls in Kabul, the streets fill with a choking gray smoke, despite the city's near complete lack of industry. Nearly every family in this capital of one million is cooking its evening meal

Environmentalists are opposed to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's Waste to Energy plant at Gorai, Mumbai dumping ground as they feel it would emit carcinogenic toxin material like