Nine years after the killer earthquake struck Latur and Osmanabad districts in Maharashtra, claiming 8000 lives, on September 30, 1993, the relief and rehabilitation works undertaken by the

The 45 million tonnes of the annual post-harvest waste that is strewn across Maharashtra's sugarcane fields kept the wealth in its bosom; but none knew till botanists A D Karve discovered it. Karve

The deputy chief minister of Maharashtra Chhagal Bhujbal, while clarifying government's position on the Pedder Road flyover in the Legislative Council said that the design of the flyover will not

Birds us the sun as compass and stars as bearings to migrate across the globe to sustain themselves and further their flock, research shows. The phenomenon of bird migration has, for long, been a

Though the major portion of the seismic activity is confined to plate boundaries, there is seismic activity occurring within plates known as Intra-plate seismicity which may be the cause of major

Three elephants died after consuming poisonous thorn leaves out of desperation as their efforts to find water proved futile amid extreme heat conditions in the Dharamapuri district of Maharashtra.

Jammu and Kashmir High Court has ordered the closure of centaur Lake View hotel forth-with for causing widespread pollution in the world-famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. The court, in its verdict, also

Modern day environmental hazards like the extensive use of cement houses, noise pollution, use of DDT, which lead to imbalance in nature have led to large scale destruction to the familiar sparrows

In its endeavor to combat the 'growing' threat of sea pollution, the Maharashtra Government would soon procure three specialised ships at an expenditure of Rs 600 crore to ferry large-sized

'Hapsha' is a strange word, but for more than 40000 residents of the Korba Mithaghar slums, (Mumbai) Wadala near sion creek, it is their very lifeline, it is their biggest bane. While it provides