Japan's centuries-old experience in dealing with natural disasters proves inadequate to help it handle the man-made nuclear crisis.
THE magnitude 9.0 earthquake of March 11, the 10-metre-high waves of tsunami that followed, and the aftershocks have left Japan devastated, with thousands dead and radiation from damaged nuclear power plants threatening to endanger more lives.

The death of 16 women admitted to a government hospital in Jodhpur for childbirth exposes the sorry state of the public health system in Rajasthan.

THE death of 16 women, who had sought obstetric care, within a span of a fortnight following infection caused by contaminated intravenous (IV) fluid injection and unhygienic conditions in a leading government hospital in Jodhpur district of Rajastha

A COMMON compliment that Pranab Mukherjee's Union Budget for 2011-12 received from the media was its proclaimed

Economic Survey 2010-11 presents the annual restatement of neoliberal faith, embellished with elegant but highly superficial arguments.

THE Finance Ministry's annual survey of the Indian economy, Economic Survey 2010-11, provides a great deal of interesting official data on many facets of the performance of the Indian economy, both in 2010-11 and in the immediately preceding years.

In view of the growing threats to elephants, efforts are on to create a National Elephant Conservation Authority.

IT was a bright and warm summer afternoon in 1995, and about 250 elephants milled about peaceably on the banks of the Kabini river. They were feeding on the green carpets of grass, mostly comprising the nutritious and palatable Cynodon dactylon.

A group of architects have started an initiative, Vision 2050, to create three different models for the planning of Delhi. Printer Friendly Page Send this Article to a Friend URBAN DEVELOPMENT Unique vision AJOY ASHIRWAD MAHAPRASHASTA A group of architects have started an initiative, Vision 2050, to create three different models for the planning of Delhi.

Scientists argue that cloud formation modulated by galactic cosmic rays has an impact on climate change.

IN January, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) issued a discussion paper authored by the space scientist U.R.

THE road ahead seems to be a difficult one for the Bill passed recently by the Kerala Assembly for the establishment of a special tribunal to

MINISTER for Water Resources N.K. Premachandran, who piloted the Plachimada Special Tribunal Bill, 2011, in the State Assembly, said the High Power Committee (HPC) had found enough evidence to prove the presence of dangerous levels of cadmium and lead in the sludge distributed by the Coca-Cola unit at Plachimada and for the pollution of groundwater, drinking water and soil in the village.

The meagre allocations for critical social sector programmes point to a focus on growth for growth's sake, whose consequences can be unsettling.

TERMINOLOGY tells us a lot about underlying economic ideologies. In India, increasingly, public spending that affects the basic conditions of life of the vast majority of the population is termed in mainstream media as