Three activists representing the Bhopal gas survivors and their 18-day-old fast in New Delhi following the Union government's partial acceptance of their demands, but the struggle

A public hearing on hunger and the right to food, held in one of India's most deprived areas following starvation deaths, reveals gross irregularities in food-related programmes and a disastrous

The people affected by pollution caused by tannery units in six districts in Tamil Nadu are left disappointed by an award that they see as having failed to assess the damage to the ecology and to

The government is seriously constrained in the matter of managing the consequences of the drought owing to the inadequate reach of the PDS, the pattern of its foodgrain stocks and its aversion to

The International AIDS Conference in Barcelona sounds the alarm regarding the increasing numbers of HIV-infected persons, particularly in the developing countries, and identifies funding as the most

Large corporate capital, in league with the elites and ruling groups, has become disproportionately potent globally, able to scuttle the push for policies that could ensure an equitable world order.

Following up on a survey of the northern and western States, a study of the ravages of drought and related phenomena in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. The worst drought in 12 years,

A large portion of central Europe has been transformed into a gigantic lake by the rivers Vlatva, Elbe, Danube and Enns. Unseasonable torrential rains in August have caused rivers to overflow. Around

The Assam government's move, as mandated by a Supreme Court order, to evict those who have encroached on forest land raises some green hopes but kicks up much

Despite the efforts of several NGOs, Manipur continues to be in the grip of an AIDS epidemic, whose spread is aided by widespread poverty and a thriving business in the smuggling of