Radio Vatican, which broadcasts the speeches of the Pope, Catholic Church events and news, came close to being shut down on the eve of Easter as the Italian authorities prepared to cut off

Forty-one cases of suicide were reported in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh between September and November 2000. A Frontline investigation shows that crop failure, indebtedness and related

The award of the Loss of Ecology Authority, which assessed the damage caused by polluting tanneries in Tamil Nadu, leaves out many issues relating to health and reversal of damage to the

The killing of several elephants at the Corbett National Park, India's first national park and first tiger reserve, points to the need to put in place an anti-poaching plan in all such protected

A thermometer plant of a multinational company in Kodaikanal is accused of being less than careful in handling mercury, a toxic chemical, thus posing a threat to the environment of the

For the fourth year running, the desert State faces severe drought conditions. A report from some of the predominantly tribal areas, where the level of people's hardship is

Indian agriculture is facing a crisis. Globalisation and the structural adjestment programme and skewed policy approaches adopted by successive governments combine with other factors to hit the

Popocatepetl, considered the world's most dangerous volcano, erupts, but efficient early warning systems promise to limit the

Appropriately for its role as a regulatory body that has intrusive powers of jurisdiction over diverse economic activities, the World Trade Organisation(WTO) has become a natural focus for livelihood

The attempts to suppress a people's movement against a mining project in southern Orissa lead to the death of three tribal people in police