Even as controversy dogs the field trials of Bt-cotton, or Bollgard cotton - a variety genetically modified to make it resistant to bollworm pest - by the Pune-based firm Mahyco, based on a

Fourteen years and seven months after an experiment in Ukraine went unimaginably awry, spewing the radiation of dozens of Hiroshimas across Europe, workers at the Chernobyl nuclear complex gathered

A Frontline investigation comes up with new revelations on funding, business connections and conflicts of interest in the Johns Hopkins-linked drug trials at Kerala's Regional Cancer

Karnataka is in the grip of the worst drought in 15 years. A large number of agricultural workers and their families have been migrating to Maharashtra looking for means of

For the Jarawa tribal population of the Andaman islands, a court order brings hope of protection from the "civilised"

A public sector oil major is now int he forefront of a conservation drive, and the ecological park at its Mathura refinery exemplifies this. The ponds are part of the 18,000 sq m ecological park on

In a short span of eight years, Andhra Pradesh has come close to achieving the National Forest Policy objectives in north coastal Andhra through its joint forest management (JFM) programme.The impact

The new stem cell research policy of the United States runs into conflict with several of the ethical goals of medicine and related health

The United States' intransigence on emission reduction targets sinks efforts at the sixth Conference of Parties at The Hague to minimise the effects of global

Amid all the talk of environmental issues, planning priorities and relocation processes, the interests and concerns of the ordinary worker seem to receive the least