Villagers of Dhinkia in Jagatsinghpur are preparing for an all-out battle to defeat attempts to implement the Posco project.
VISITORS to Dhinkia in Jagatsinghpur district in Orissa are stopped at the barricades at its entry points.

Germany's policies prove that renewable sources of energy are a viable option.
IN September 2010, the German Federal Environment Agency announced that by 2050 the country would be in a position to meet all of its electricity requirements from renewable energy sources as opposed to the present 16 per cent.

This did not come as a surprise since Germany has always considered renewable energy sour

The promise of the FRA remains largely unfulfilled, says a committee set up by the Ministries of Environment and Forests and Tribal Affairs.
IT seems hard for a government used to controlling most of India's common lands to let go of them.

The countrywide share of corporate retail in food distribution tripled in the past four years when retail food prices showed the greatest increase.

THE dramatic increase in food inflation over the past two years has been associated with several surprises. One major surprise has been how the top economic policymakers in the country have responded to it.

A NUMBER of mega projects along the Konkan coast in Maharashtra are under public scrutiny. The most recent reason for this is the amendment to the rules governing the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ). The rules originally prohibited the setting up of big industries on the coast. The amended version permits them, primarily because of the convenience of transportation by sea.

The revised daily wage for NREGS workers is still lower than the minimum wages paid in several States.

A CONTROVERSY seems to have surfaced between the Prime Minister's Office and the National Advisory Council (NAC) on the issue of wages under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).

The climate conference failed to deliver an effective and equitable agreement on reducing emissions and will aggravate global warming.
SO low were the expectations from the global climate negotiations after last year's disastrous Copenhagen summit that nobody thought its successor conference would be a thundering game-changing success.

The city's administration aims to elevate the stature of Coimbatore so that its infrastructure can compare with the best in the country.

WHEN a slew of development projects were placed before successive meetings of the Coimbatore Corporation Council in 2005-06 for its approval, the refrain at every session was

Scientists claim to have discovered a strain of bacteria that seems to be able to grow on arsenic, a well-known poison.

SCIENTISTS have always believed that phosphorus is essential to life. But a recent finding, which was reported in Science Express, the early online version of the reputed journal Science, has claimed evidence that would demolish this long-held view. A team of U.S.

With the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka going to get a tiger reserve status, the Soligas living there face imminent eviction.

NEVER before have the tigers of the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Wildlife Sanctuary burned so bright, either in popular imagination or in administrative priority.