The World Bank (WB) on Friday approved US$ 45 million in additional financing to help scale up Nepal's efforts at improving the rural road network.

The Rural Access Improvement and Decentralisation Project (RAIDP) has been upgrading rural roads in 20 of Nepal's 75 districts since 2005, when the WB provided a US$ 32 million grant.

The Government of Nepal, U.S.

Elephants in Parsa Wildlife Reserve have started moving out of the reserve due to the lack of habitat.

DHADING, NOV 18 - In a bid to utilize organic waste for producing biogas and promote a smoke-free cooking environment, more biogas plants and improved ovens are being installed in Dhading district.

Fifty-three households are the newest families to start installation of biogas plants and improved ovens in the district.

Ground water that people consume in Jahada is laden with the toxic metal.
PARASI, NOV 09 - Thirteen new cases of arsenic poisoning have been detected in Nawalparasi district. They are residents of Jahada VDC of the district.

Filter for Family, a non-governmental organisation, found 13 people suffering from arsenic poisoning among 100 people tested in the VDC.

The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV-Nepal) in association with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is organising a three-day international Bio-gas conference in Kathmandu from Nov.10.

The objective of the conference is to exchange knowledge and experiences between practitioners, experts and policy makers on the dissemination of domestic biogas plants.

"It conference will raise concern

Four more people including a tourist have been infected with the AH1N1 virus, more commonly known as swine flu, in Nepal.
Issuing a press release on Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that four new people have contracted the deadly virus.

Nepal has effectively implemented the Montreal Protocol 1987 by doing a remarkable work in the field of minimising the use of chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) -- the major green house gases responsible for the ozone layer depletion, praised experts on Wednesday.

People in dozens of villages are forced to drink soiled water after the incessant downpour caused hundreds of drinking water sources to founder.

More than 117 drinking water sources have been damaged due to heavy rainfall and landslide in mid-August, according to Regional Monitoring and Supervision Office Doti.

A four-day South Asian Youth Summit on Climate Change concluded in Dhulikhel on Sunday, making a five-point commitment and dishing out a 10-point demand.