An international project to develop a large, globally accessible bank of new cancer cell culture models for the research community launched today.

About 5.7 million Americans have heart failure, half of whom will die from the disease within 5 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Just when it seemed that missing cases of microcephaly in Colombia were straining the credibility of the Zika virus' connection to the birth defects, the latest report from Colombia includes five n

Diverse antibodies induced in humans by vaccination with an avian influenza virus vaccine may offer broader, more durable protection against multiple strains of influenza than today's vaccines typi

A City Council showdown over a proposed soda tax in Philadelphia got off to a stormy start.

A 20 percent sugar tax could discourage shoppers from buying unhealthier breakfast cereals, new research led by Newcastle University shows.

A new vaccine allows pneumonia-causing bacteria to colonize inside the body, springing into action only if the bacteria pose a threat.

Thailand has become the first country in Asia to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis, the World Health Organization announced Tuesday.

The U.S. death rate rose slightly last year—the first increase in a decade, health officials reported Wednesday.

A research team at Duke University has discovered a potential new class of small-molecule drugs that simultaneously block two sought-after targets in the treatment of pain.