Coca-Cola was trying to quell a widening-and widely exaggerated-health scare in Europe over the safety of its soft drinks. It started two weeks ago when several dozen Belgian school children became

A spate of vicious twisters rips through Tornado Alley,' tearing up Oklahoma City, ravaging Kansas, killinhg more than 40 and destroying more than 10,000 homes-all in a few deadly hours : a

According to a 1998 study in The Journal of the American Medical Association, 2.2 million patients a year have adverse reactions to drugs; 106,000 of them die. Many millions are simply aren't helped,

In Colorado, U.S. scientists are trying to return the lynx to its former hunting grounds. But it's hard to teach a new cat old tricks : a

Orlistat, the first drug intended to control weight by interfering with the uptake of fat, is under consideration for approval by the FDA, and last week the manufacturer, Hoffmann La Roche, announced

Less faith in fiber : For 30 years, it's been an article of faith that dietary fiber could help prevent cancer of the colon and rectum. The idea - reinforced by early clinical studies and cereal

India's first green politician had a very green idea: free the circus beasts! She also had enough clout to make it happen. Last month she won a long running legal battle with circus owners when a

Anyone seen kowloon ? : Hong Kong's harbor is the city's greatest tourist attraction-if you can see it . Last week a thick layer of brown pollution settled over the Central district. Visibility

Migraines have been a mystery to doctors, sheer misery for sufferers. Now science is decoding how migraines work, yielding new drugs and restoring lives : a

The Human Rights Watch accused Mexico of failing to protect pregnant women workers against job discrimination, one of the dozens of developing countries in which foreign companies allegedly denied