The European Parliament on Wednesday rejected a draft law that would have allowed member states to ban the use of EU-approved genetically modified food and feed on their territory, a step welcomed

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A tropical storm could have carried the corn disease tar spot into the heart of the U.S. farm belt for the first time, as winds and rain blew in from Latin America, researchers told Reuters.

Volkswagen's admission that it rigged car emission tests has prompted environmental and health experts to ask whether such deception could have hampered progress in reducing death and disease from

Australia's attempts to curb damage to the Great Barrier Reef, which was almost listed as being in danger earlier this year, are falling well short of targets, a report released by the national and

Instead of going to the pub in the evening, German student Christian Klinge puts on his old sneakers and sets off to forage through bins behind supermarkets and restaurants in Berlin to find food t

Kenyan soldiers from the Rapid Deployment Unit, an emergency response unit who were deployed due to reoccurring clashes and killings between the Turkana and Dhaasanac communities, look at the carca

Concerns about the world's most popular herbicide continue to mount, as U.S.

When the International Energy Agency reported in March that global carbon emissions had stayed flat in 2014, even as the world economy grew, the news was hailed as a turning point in the struggle t

Fracking by the U.S.