Seven environmental groups filed a lawsuit on Thursday challenging safety rules issued earlier this month for trains carrying oil, arguing the regulations are too weak to protect the public.

The El Niño climate phenomenon is almost certain to last through the Northern Hemisphere summer, the U.S.

Mozambican police have seized nearly 1.3 metric tons (1.4 tons) of ivory and rhino horns, obtained from the illegal slaughter of 65 rhinos and 170 elephants, in a house belonging to a Chinese natio

Peru is bracing for a moderate El Nino weather event in coming months, with warming sea temperatures threatening to set the stage for another disastrous year for anchovy fishing and fishmeal export

EU regulators will not accelerate a decision on whether to restrict use of the world's most widely used weed killer, even though it has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organization (WHO),

For many of the past five years, Marthe Efoulan, a 42-year-old farmer in Meyomessala, in southern Cameroon, has been fooled into planting her crops too soon.

Southern Africa faces possible food shortages over the next few months due to a severe drought in the 'maize belt' of South Africa, where a lack of rain had caused crop failure rates of over 50 per

Diesel used outside the automotive sector will have meet the "National V" fuel quality standards by January 2018, a year later than automotive fuels, China's powerful central planning authority sai

The Philippines is bracing for a typhoon heading for the northeast of the main island of Luzon and expected to make landfall on Sunday, bringing heavy to intense rainfall, the weather bureau said.

California water regulators on Wednesday adopted a new uniform permitting process for seawater desalination projects expected to expand in number as the drought-stricken state increasingly turns to