Nearly 2,300 plant species are at risk of disappearing from flora-rich Brazil, many more than once thought, according to an academic study. The research released, carried out by 175 scientists, indicates the Brazilian government has dramatically underestimated the risk to the country's plant species caused by deforestation, fires and urbanisation.

Meghalaya demands compensation from the Centre as a reward for preserving and giving a thrust to environment and ecology-------

When Jacquelin Lyndoh of St. Mary's College, Shillong, was planting a sapling little did she

Environmental and health activists who have given a bad name to asbestos are facing the wrath of an industry that pleads that this is the best option for our country---------

FACT: In June 2001. the Supreme Court in Brazil rejected a petition by some activists for ban of asbestos-cement production. Brazil is one of the largest producers and users of asbestos.

Murders are taking place over water in Madhya Pradesh, including the capital Bhopal, once known as the 'city of lakes'

Even as blood is being spilled over water here, parched Madhya Pradesh seeks divine help for rainfall with people trying every trick in their book to please the rain gods.

Rapid urbanization, destruction of habitat and rampant use of pesticides are some of the factors affecting the population of scavenging birds---------

Vultures in the sky are disappearing very fast. According to statistics of the Bombay Natural
History Society, the vulture population has declined by more than 99% and is declining at a rate of more than 40% annually.

While water bodies around Tripura's capital Agartala are fast drying, the state government plans to bring water from a river 70 km away--------

A pat on the back for wildlife officials is due, as the tiger count in Rajasthan's sanctuaries has increased to 44.

Three years back, tiger lovers in India and other parts of the world were aghast when news came in that tigers had vanished from the Sariska Sanctuary of Rajasthan, where at one time they numbered a dozen.

It may be recalled that Rajasthan was a top NREGA performer in terms of implementation of the scheme for three consecutive years during the previous BJP government During the current financial year, the state government would receive Rs 9,525 crore, highest among the states, and has fixed a target of providing 100 day wages to 71.12 lakh families in the rural areas.

The onus is on the Congress government in Rajasthan to make NREGA leak-proof, as the Union minister was a major critic of implementation of the scheme under the BJP dispensation---

DR C P JOSHI, now Union minister for rural development and panchayat raj institutions, which is the

Mumbaikars are apprehensive that the civic authorities are sleeping on the job and floods will follow rain as inevitably as night follows day. Vipin Kumar reports on the preparedness of the BMC