The global sea level will only rise about 10 feet if the West Antarctic ice sheet collapses. While that may not sound so great to residents of coastal cities like New York or Los Angeles, it is only about half the previously predicted rise. Researchers led by Jonathan L. Bamber of the University of Bristol in Britain report their recalculation of the hazard in edition of the Journal Science.

Sizzling heat and absence of rains has hit hard the production of litchis in the district, known for its juicy and seedless variety of the fruit. "Due to no rain in most areas of Uttarakhand, the trees have not bore fruits and the litchi production has decreased by nearly 25 per cent, horticulture expert Amar Singh said.

As World Environment Day falls on June 5, Soni Sinha looks at how 70 per cent of work
under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act can actually be eco-friendly and benefit local communities in India's poorest districts

Scientists in Britain said they have found the first genes that are associated with testicular cancer, the commonest form of cancer for men between age of 15 to 45. Telltale variants in chromosomes 5, 6 and 12 are linked to the increased risk of the disease, according to their study, which compared the genetic code of 730 men who had testicular cancer with those of healthy men.

Scientists have developed an HIV test which they claim works in just 30 minutes and can be performed anywhere in the world - no laboratory required. An international team has developed the prototype CD4 rapid test, similar

Do GM crops increase yield? The answer is No, and the claim is outrageous as the modified crops were developed as being herbicide tolerant and insect repellent--------

Stepping in to save Kashmir's endangered red deer -hanguls - from extinction, the Jammu and Kashmir government has launched a Rs 8.80 crore project under which carnivore proof enclosures will be set up for captive breeding of fawns.

Meningitis is once again weaving a web of death and suffering in India's North-east having taken at least 250 lives so far

India's first integrated solar housing project is complete. This is a milestone and trendsetter in present times as it revolves around a concern for extending the life span of natural resources while at the same time providing human comfort, safety and productivity

Even as the government was mulling another round of reduction in fuel prices before the elections as international crude oil prices slip to their lowest, it is important that the Integrated Energy Policy (IEP) -which was recently ratified by the Union cabinet be implemented instead.