Wildlife Lovers and forest officials in Orissa are of the view that the missile tests by the
Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) off the Orissa coast have affected the mass nesting of the Olive Ridley sea turtles.

It is not just the temperature that is rising in Madhya Pradesh but also the anxiety over water supply. Water has become so scarce that while people at some places are hiring armed guards to prevent its theft, at others they have been found using a lottery system to fill their buckets.

India's first Solar Park to generate 3,000 MW electricity is coming up in Gujarat
with the help of the Clinton Foundation
The Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) of the Clinton Foundation has entered into an agreement with the Gujarat government on September 7, one of the outstanding initiatives taken by the state government in the field of solar energy.

Badal valley in Uttarakhand has now become a demo valley for green energy----

The coming years are going to be quite difficult for the world if preventive measures are not taken to tap new and non-conventional sources for its energy requirements.

The surroundings are horribly unnerving even for a species dismissively called 'lesser flamingo': a five-acre mudflat surrounded by a crumbling old port, a ship breaking yard, two oil refineries, a fertilizer plant, and a sprawling slum. But this is where the glorious birds take their six-month