Scientists have finally figured out what Zika virus does to the human body, and it explains why its effects can be so devastating, but infections can go for months without detection.

Researchers from Harvard University have managed to have developed a new clean technology to drastically turn sunlight into fuel.

The researchers from Lund University in Sweden and Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona have recognized the four genetic keys that unlock the genetic code of skin cells.

America, South American Countries, South Pacific Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Mexico and some parts of Asia

Recent study claims that consistent cellphone use may harm its users, most especially men, and it may lead to serious cases like getting cancer.

Physicists think they may have discovered a fifth force of nature, and if this is true, then it would totally redefine how people understand how the universe.

After animal rights activists filed an online petition, American online retailer Amazon agreed to stop their sales of animal specimen and hunting equipment which are banned under the Wildlife Prote

Around 10 million species are still waiting to be discovered around the world - at least that's what scientists believe.

The International Space Station launched CubeSat, a mini-satellite that is first of its kind.

For the first time scientists have been able to remove the HIV virus' DNA from living tissue, in a reportedly breakthrough experiment.