More than half of the tree species in the Amazon rainforest may be globally threatened.

Earth's climate may be far more sensitive to carbon dioxide than scientists once thought.

As glaciers melt and temperatures warm, more is at stake than the loss of ice.

A team of astronomers have found a mysterious dwarf planet, which is believed to be three times further from the Sun than Pluto.

A team of researchers have created small, light and long-lasting batteries through the use of silicon technology.

Only four percent of the ocean is protected, and marine protected areas (MPA) make up all of that four percent, according to researchers from the University of British Columbia, Institute for Ocean

An energy firm has developed a new evaporative cooler that functions on just sunlight and water, with the new cooling device covering approximately 200 square meters, according to a news release.

Coastal Asia may suffer the most from extreme weather patterns over the next 50 years.

A review by the World Health Organization (WHO)'s International Agency for Cancer (IARC) notes that consumption of processed meats may increase the risk of colon cancer.

A team of researchers have created a type of new redox-flow battery that can withstand up to 10,000 charging cycles without losing a crucial amount of capacity.