Wildlife protection officers of the Delhi government today seized 10 pythons, six sand boas and three cobras and arrested four men who said they had trapped these and otehr snakes from jungle areas

A gene responsible for exponential growth among some Antarctic penguin species could help trigger phenomenal poultry growth if its links with a corresponding gene in fowl are established, polar

The century's worst floods in Bangladesh this year are projected to make a huge dent in economic growth , with economic activity coming to a virtual halt for almost two months. The government's chief

The Indian government's ban on the controversial contraceptive drug, Quinacrine has been welcomed by medical specialists and women's research groups in USA.

For the security personnel toughing it out at high altitude areas like Siachen or engaged in high-pressure job of combating militancy in the North -East , strain and intense loneliness can

Leading food experts have warned strict vegetarians not to eat any of the one million tons of soyabean which the government is importing into India from the United States.

The Uttarkhand area of U P is all set to witness a showdown between tribal inhabitants and authorities over three proposed national parks--Nanda Devi, Rajaji and Govind Pashu Vihar--with stiff

Researchers have generated the three-dimensional molecular structure of a common enzyme in a breakthrough that may overcome resistance to antibiotics, according to a study published yesterday. Dr

Alarmed at the increasing poaching of elephants in Orissa, the Union ministry of environment and forests has asked the West Bengal forest department to intensify vigil and intercept smuggled ivory

The Delhi High Court today upheld the transfer of a portion of the Bailadila mines (11-B) to a private party -- the Bailadila Mineral Development Company Limited in which the Mittal group holds 89%