Concerned over reports of 'yellowing' of the Taj Mahal, a parliamentary standing committee (PSC) on environment has given the local administration two months to find ways to reduce pollution level

State's forest department as well as ASI horticulture department have sought an explanation from the local horticultural officials at Taj complex why as many as 50 peach trees have been chopped off

Thousands of protestors across north India are expected to mass outside Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on February 1 to press the government to clean up the heavily-polluted Yamuna.

City private hospitals are blatantly flouting hazardous biomedical waste disposal norms.

A mention of Braj Mandal evokes scenes of trees, flowers, meadows and lush green gardens reminiscent from the Krishna and Radha leelas, but all these might just remain a fragment of the imagination

The UP government's attempt to protect traffic constables from pollution by ordering them to wear a pollution-mask has proved to be a damp squib in the city.

AGRA: With a view to protecting the Yamuna river from pollution caused by immersing idols in its water, members of the Baba Shree Ganesh Kalyan Samiti (Yamunapar) have prepared an idol of Goddess D

After the Allahabad high court's ban on immersing idols in the Yamuna to save it from pollution, the Agra district administration is ensuring that the orders are strictly implemented and temporary

ALIGARH: About 500 angry villagers from Hajipura Chauhata, Mandir ka Nagla and Sarai Hari Narayan on the Aligarh bypass, GT Road said they could bear the stench no more.

AGRA: Hundreds of saplings were planted on Sunday in Agra, whose green cover has increased from 9 to 11 per cent.