Gandhinagar will be rocking, soon. Huge multiplexes, sprawling homes, synergized town planning schemes that will contain all the modern amenities you can dream of and other entertainment and shopping extravaganzas will invade the silence that envelops Gandhinagar after every sundown now.

Till about four years ago, this lane of Maninagar's Mukti Maidan area was used more as a public urinal and a garbage dump. Today, it's the greenest street in this part of town. All thanks to the efforts of one man who has not just transformed this smelly street but also created several oases in Maninagar and Khokhra. Meet 80-year-old Philip Macwan, who is green at heart and has single-handedly planted over 1,000 trees over the past decade.

This is Dhirubhai Ambani's birthplace. Located right on the coast, it is one of the hundreds of villages along Gujarat's 1600-km coastline which have been inflicted by salinity of soil. Kukasvada, which has a population of 10,000, does not have sweet water wells. Villagers have stopped getting drinking water in the taps. The few rich families here purchase water from private tankers at Rs 350 per 1,000-litre. Others travel several kilometres to fetch water.

Guess who's set to drive the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) once it rolls into the city? It's the Amdavadi women, who are ready to hop onto this clean-green mode of transport. An elaborate household survey conducted in March this year to determine the willingness of commuters to shift to BRTS revealed that a whopping 43.19 per cent of women surveyed, cutting across all economic strata, said they would love to take the BRTS. In contrast, 31.9 per cent men said they would prefer the BRTS.

The arts faculty of the Gujarat University in a meeting on Thursday decided to start a six-month course on environment. The curriculum for this course will be the one prepared by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The colleges will be asked to commence this course, conduct exams and give certificates on

If all goes well, an ambitious proposal to increase Floor Space Index (FSI) within the 250-metre radius of the BRTS corridor to encourage development along the route, is being planned by the state urban development department. It is proposed that all developers along the 120.5 km of the corridor can get an extra FSI over the existing 1.8 FSI. This increases the FSI to 2.8. The proposal has been forwarded to the Central ministry of urban development for approval and is being simultaneously discussed in the state urban development department over its feasibility.

Gandhinagar: The state has sold 2,220 million units of power to other states during the last two years, the government told the assembly on Monday.

In two different replies, the government said that the state was enjoying a surplus as far as power production was concerned.

Delhi-based Centre for Media Studies and the AMC will jointly host a green film festival from January 17-22. It will feature as many as 40 films on environment to be shown at different schools and colleges in the city.

To Invest Rs 14K Cr at Mundra In LNG Terminal, Gas-Based Power Plant
Harit Mehta | TNN

Ahmedabad: After coal, Ahmedabad-based Adani group has set its eyes on gas.

Ahmedabad: State-owned Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC)-led consortium has made a huge natural gas discovery in the Cambay basin. Industry estimates suggest the total resource base in the basin may be in the region of 20-30 trillion cubic feet (tcf), almost equivalent to that of Reliance Industries