INDORE: Known for its green cover, Madhya Pradesh now has a share of threatened species. If one goes by a study by forest department, of 2,300 listed plant species around 45 plant species are threatened and 36 near threatened in state.

For tribals and villagers residing on the periphery of forests, these species have religious, medical, agricultural and economic value and are in need of conservation.

INDORE: Madhya Pradesh government is all set to introduce a 'controversial' vaccine whose efficacy is still being debated in the country and elsewhere as some deaths of children were reported after they were administered the vaccine.

Much against caution by experts', Madhya Pradesh is mulling to launch pentavalent vaccine in National Immunisation Programme that targets five infections including diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis-B and HiB (haemophilius influenzae type B).

INDORE: Poor planning, faulty execution, wrong design and inconvenience to people have disillusioned Indoreans from the BRTS which was quite evident at public hearing on Sunday organised by divisional commissioner on the directions of high court.

Nearly 300 people registered their objections and suggestion on BRTS and its execution. Nearly 61% of the people have expressed their views against the 11.5km BRT corridor. Only 9% of the people have supported the project and 30% are still willing to accept the BRTS with little amendments. Technical experts termed BRTS 'unsafe'. Most of the people raised objections over the safety arrangement on the corridor and believed that the way in which the project has been implemented, has made it quite risky for commuters.

INDORE: While the Union government on Tuesday provided an updated list of 44 clinical trial victims compensated in between 2005 and 2012, experts have raised fingers over the institutional ethics c

In a fresh order on Friday, the Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh high court directed Indore divisional commissioner to issue a public notice in different newspapers with sufficient space inviting objections with regard to the under construction BRTS project and also to hold a public hearing again.

In the order, Justice Shantanu Kemkar and Justice M C Garg have also set a timeline for issuing the notice and holding public hearing. The court has ordered to issue advertisement or public notice on or before March 4 after which people can submit their objections or suggestions. The divisional commissioner has been instructed to hold a public hearing on March 10 to hear the objections.

INDORE: The Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) of Indore will be the second project of its own kind in the country. The project, which was likely to become operational by mid-April, is being constructed on the lines of already existing BRTS project in Ahmedabad.

The project, which will cover 11.5 km stretch on the AB Road initially, will have all the eight elements which the full-fledged BRTS in Ahmedabad boasts of having with itself. These issues were discussed during a review meeting of the project which was held here on Thursday. The meeting was attended by all the topbrass officials, attached with the project

INDORE: A team of World Bank officials reviewed BRTS progress and expressed satisfaction over its status, here on Thursday.

Construction of bus stands on the 11-km stretch of BRTS that has 21 stations, is in its last leg while erection of civil infrastructure started in 2007 is on at a good pace. The team task leader was Nupur Gupta while the experts in the team included Gerhard, Rohit Gauri (IT) and Surendranath who is from Mott McDonald project management consultancy firm which was part of the quarterly review and partly financed the project.

INDORE: Soon, information on wildlife of the entire Madhya Pradesh will be available at a single place.

INDORE: Here is a news to worry for Indoreans.

The civic body is trying to identify place for more transfer stations for proper municipal solid waste management under JNNURM project.