JAIPUR/ALWAR/KOTA: Dust storm followed by rains hit various parts of the state leaving two persons dead on Tuesday afternoon.

JAIPUR: Women of Vidhyadhar Nagar staged protest in their area as for the past 20 days water has not been supplied to their houses leaving them with no option than to order private tankers.

Jaipur: City doctors suspecting the trend of reporting of dengue cases in summers as a result of possible change in genotype (genetic structure) of any of existing serotypes of dengue virus or emer

Jodhpur: Unwanted vehicular noise has reached nightmarish levels these days with a spurt in vehicle count on the city roads.Horns were meant to be used to alert vehicles and prevent accidents howev

JAIPUR: One who smokes might not be aware that tobacco is the single most preventable cause of cancer. Health experts say that if tobacco is eliminated, 30-40% cases of cancer can be prevented.

JAIPUR: Facing the shame of reporting highest number of swine flu and dengue cases early this year in the country, the state government has come out with strict provisions for doctors and people to

JAIPUR: Acute encephalitis cases will be on the radar in the state as Nipah infection can cause complications from acute respiratory syndrome to fatal encephalitis.

Jaisalmer: The PHED depertment has laid a pipeline by cutting through rocks under the sand for the much awaited drinking water scheme of western Rajasthan that will be completed by October this yea

JAIPUR: After a spell of dust storms and thunderstorms, heat wave conditions revived in the desert state on Thursday. Many places witnessed its maximum temperatures above the normal notch.

JAIPUR: When the city woke up on Tuesday morning, the Particle Matter (PM) 10 (particles smaller than 10 microns) and PM 2.5(particles smaller than 2.5 microns) level was as high as 313 µg/m³(micro