Climate change could take malaria and other diseases to Britain and trigger more frequent heatwaves that will have huge health impacts, British doctors said. With the exception of Lyme disease, insect-borne diseases are largely unknown in Britain. But global warming could change that in a few decades, according to a report from the British Medical Association (BMA).

A University of Washington professor says a recently discovered fish that crawls instead of swimming and has forward-looking eyes like humans could be part of an entirely unknown family of fishes. The creature sighted in Indonesian waters off Ambon Island has tanand peach-colored zebra-stripping. It uses its leglike pectoral fins to burrow into cracks and crevices of coral reefs in search of food. UW professor Ted Pietsch says this relative of the anglerfish will have to undergo DNA scrutiny to verify that it is unique. But he says he's never seen anything like it.

On the hike in parking charges proposed during an Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) meeting, MCD and DDA said they have received the minutes of the meeting and were working out the modalities. They added that it was too early to give out details of the new set-up.

Vietnam has started clinical trials for developing a human vaccine for the H5N1 virus, researchers said in the country that has recorded 52 deaths from bird flu. Eleven volunteers, all researchers, received their second dosage of the trial vaccine on Thursday inside spotlessly-clean medical rooms of a company run by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Hanoi. Dr Nguyen Tuyet Nga, the epidemiologist and virologist heading the trial, said experts were using the highly-pathogenic strain of H5N1 taken from humans in Vietnam and known as VN1194.

Want to have a go at building you own ecocity of the future?

Astronomers using robotic cameras said on Wednesday that they had found 10 new planets outside our solar system, while a second team said they had found the youngest planet yet. The findings add to a growing list of more than 270 so-called extrasolar planets, they told a meeting of astronomers in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Gene M130 is a marker of the first human migration out of Africa. R M Pitchappan, who teaches immunology at the Madurai Kamaraj University in Tamil Nadu, tells Narayani Ganesh that he found this in the DNA of members of a community in a village near Madurai: Are Indians the first ever migrants out of Africa?

If the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) has its way, you will soon have to pay as much as you do at multi-level parking lots to keep your car along the street. With about 25 new multi-level parking lots being constructed in the Capital before the Commonwealth Games 2010 to cater to the Capital's growing vehicular population, the EPCA has proposed to revise parking rates at all surface-level parking areas located in the vicinity of multi-level lots.

The 13-year-long human genome project whose aim was to identify all the 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA and determine the sequences of some three billion chemical base pairs that constitute it, ended successfully in 2003. In the five years since then it has enabled medical researchers to make some pretty spectacular new health breakthroughs, including finding links between genetics and a number of conditions like heart attack, cancer, multiple sclerosis and gallstones.

The Gujarat forest department has handed an arrest warrant against actor Aamir Khan