Yangon: The first of the UN's relief planes landed in Myanmar on Thursday as a US diplomat warned that the toll in Cyclone Nargis could be over 100,000, signalling a humanitarian crisis way beyond the military junta's estimates so far. Worldwide condemnation of the junta also grew, for keeping US aid planes at bay, even as thousands of hungry people swarmed the few open shops and fistfights broke out over food and water in the swamped Irrawaddy Delta.

After a year of slowdown, April came as a promising month for the Indian automobile industry. All segments

Commodity market regulator Forward Market Commission on Thursday raised doubt over government's decision on Wednesday to ban futures trading in four agricultural commodities to control inflation. Its chairman BC Khatua said it is quite unfortunate that government banned four items despite there is no firm evidence that inflation is linked to futures trading. Khatua, however, assured investors that he would make efforts to bring back all eight banned commodities on the exchange platform.

Huge Numbers Of Aggressive Birds Are Causing Blackouts, Even Attacking Kids Martin Fackler Kagoshima (Japan): Fanning out in small teams, the men in gray jumpsuits scour the streets and rooftops with binoculars, seeking to guard this city from a growing menace. They look for telltale signs: a torn garbage bag, a pile of twigs atop an electric pole or one of the black, winged culprits themselves. "There's one!' a shout goes up. Sure enough, one of their quarry flies brazenly overhead: a crow, giving a loud, taunting caw as it passed.

Baltimore: Carolyn Stanley, a single mother with five children, receives $327 in food stamps each month to feed her family. With prices for staples like bread and cheese going ever higher, each month is harder than the last. She buys hot dogs over higher-quality meat and feeds her kids cereal, but even with other government support she often has to seek help from local churches and from friends. "The food runs out somewhere within the middle of the month, or getting close to the end,' said Stanley, 49. "It is not easy. I pray.'

Geneva: The United Nations said on Wednesday it had obtained permission to fly emergency supplies to cyclone-ravaged Myanmar but aid workers were stsill waiting for visas to enter the country.

Scientists have come up with a controversial theory which suggests that huge comet impacts wiped out North America's large mammals 13,000 years ago. According to a report in National Geographic News, the hypothesis proposes that an onslaught of extraterrestrial bodies caused the mass extinction known as the

A new model developed by scientists has suggested that the ancient catastrophe that led to the creation of the moon may have produced additional satellites that lingered in Earth's skies for tens of millions of years. According to a report in New Scientist, model suggests moonlets may have once occupied the two Earth-Moon Lagrangian points, regions in space where the gravitational tug of the Earth and the Moon exactly cancel each other out.

Astronomers have uncovered part of the missing matter in the universe, a discovery which they claim will help in understanding the evolution of the cosmic web in the future. Ten years ago, scientists predicted about half of the missing "ordinary' or normal matter made of atoms exists in the form of low density gas, filling vast spaces between galaxies. Now, an international team has discovered its hottest parts, using the European Space Agency's orbiting observatory.

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