As crude oil prices continue to rise, diesel price reform becomes even more essential. At stake is the longterm sustainable development of India. While the case for deregulation appears strong, diesel price control imposes many costs on our country.

The current diesel subsidy of about Rs 7 per litre costs state-run oil companies over Rs 125 crore a day.

New Delhi: Railways has inaugurated India

New Delhi: A thriving black market in kerosene, estimated at Rs 10,000 crore a year, killed additional collector Yeshwant Sonawane. A litre of kerosene sold at ration shops is often costlier than a bottle of packaged water.

Rising Rates, High Input Costs & Runaway Inflation Add To Auto Cos

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Beijing: Executions are not enough deterrent for Chinese culprits bent on raking in money in illegal ways, the police has indicated. The Chinese police found the 2008 scandal being repeated in milk dairies and arrested 96 people for mixing the toxic additive melamine with milk.
A similar case of contamination had left six children dead and 300,000 sick in 2008.

London: The Indian economy will register the second fastest growth between now and 2050 and emerge as the second biggest economy in the world by the middle of this century, according to a forecast by the consultancy group, Price-WaterhouseCoopers, released on Friday.

In terms of GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP), India is said to be on track to overtake Japan this year.
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In recent days, there has been much discussion about the decision of the ministry of environment and forests to impose go/no-go zones for coal mining to protect forested land from the depredations of mining.

New Delhi: The power ministry is examining a five-year exemption from tariff-based bidding regime for hydel projects, while all coal- and gas-fired projects move to the new regime from this year. The Central Electricity Authority has backed the proposal.

New Delhi: The Prime Minister